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Sample lessons

Preview sample lessons from some of our interactive MicroLearning courses.


Sample: ChatGPT – Your Tourism AI Assistant

💻 Know How to Use ChatGPT: You'll learn how to set up your own ChatGPT account and find your way around its features.
💬 Provide Better Customer Service with ChatGPT: You'll find out how to use ChatGPT to answer customer questions quickly and give them personalized help.


Sample: Kutoa malazi bora (Swahili)

Kozi hii itakufundisha kile wageni wanatarajia leo wanapoweka nafasi ya malazi, jinsi unavyoweza kukidhi mahitaji yao na kuhakikisha kuwa wanakaa kwa furaha na kuacha maoni chanya pekee.

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Sample: Digital Marketing for Tour Guides

In this course you will learn how to promote your tour business on the exciting and fast-paced platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Sample: Choreographing Local Food Tourism

A Food Tourism Choreography will help guide you and your community to utilise more local food, ingredients and recipes to create a food tourism destination.

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