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What is MicroTraining?

Are you training groups – either online or in the classroom?

Combine our online MicroLearning courses with your training for effective learning and upskilling!

Confetti’s complete training solution provides trainers and teachers with everything they need to implement custom training in their classes.

Blended learning

Implement the Flipped Classroom approach - students use online micro-courses at home to supplement in-class activities.

Ready to go

We provide trainers with handy resources to present the course - minimal prep required!


Students access micro-courses on their smartphones, on the job.

  • On-the-job training aides

    The MicroLearning includes student guides and job-aides to assist and prompt workers at the point of need.

  • Trainer's guides

    Detailed resources to prepare the trainer to present the course, including suggested activities and session plans.

Trainer guide
  • Auto-marked assessments

    The MicroLearning includes multiple choice quizzes - which can be set with a required pass mark as a summative assessment.

    Interactive activities throughout the courses are included as formative assessments for the student to assess their own learning.

  • Downloadable assignments

    Downloadable student assignments are provided, with guidance for upskillers on how to mark and provide feedback.


Let us design custom MicroTraining for your organisation!

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