Confetti is an online upskilling platform providing custom micro-courses to individuals, trainers and organisations around the world.

Mascontour’s experienced Instructional Designers and Trainers create custom micro courses and implement training for all kinds of organisation. Our bespoke solutions are already used by development partners and destination management organisations in developing regions worldwide.

Courses can be accessed on a smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

A solution for all


Upskill now! Confetti has a range of MicroLearning courses aimed at developing entrepreneurial ideas.

From starting a business to product development and marketing, confetti MicroLearning courses are designed for gaining knowledge on-the-go.

Teachers & Trainers

Go hybrid! Confetti MicroLearning courses can be added to in-person or virtual classes to strengthen student involvement and turn classes into a blended learning hub.

Downloadable student assignments and online auto-graded assessments make lesson planning a breeze.

Development Partners

Your partner in development! Confetti was designed with the development world in mind.

Does your organisation need capacity training or scaling up workforce activation? Confetti is your solution - using MicroLearning, MicroTraining and/or MicroCoaching.


Grow your influence! Confetti helps Destination Management Organisations to implement vital training on topics such as destination resilience & sustainability, storytelling,  digitisation and authentic marketing.

New skills required

In the next few years, most employees will need some form of upskilling or retraining due to automation, artificial intelligence, digitalisation and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the tourism industry and at every level, employees will need to upskill in topics connected to:

Networking & communication

- at all customer touch points​

Flexible working

- to switch easily from one task or area to another

Critical thinking

- to have the tools and confidence to take on challenging situations​

Digital comfort

- to quickly grasp the different technologies necessary to deliver a seamless experience​

Confidence building

- to instil self esteem within women and marginalized groups

Product & service diversification

- to create new ways of doing business and new offers to drive competition


- to connect with guests in an authentic and engaging way​

Problem solving

- to pick the right solution at the right time​


- to know how to act in a given situation​

Behavioural change

- to look at things differently and see more solutions​

How confetti can fill the skills gap

The tourism industry demands hands-on, practical learning and training experiences in these key skills such as service excellence, destination marketing, new product and service creation and sustainable management.  To help you stay ahead in this volatile world, confetti powers the upskilling revolution by providing you access to a global  community of tourism experts and professionals to make you a 21st century upskiller!

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